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Whether our clients need to have better software applications, connect with more customers, search for corporate data, or provide a more flexible infrastructure for the company's growth, Akvelon has award-winning software products to help make it happen.

We Create Innovative Products

Over the years Akvelon has designed, developed, and launched a number of unique products utilizing the most recent technologies. Moreover our solid R&D teams continue to produce innovative products such as Bluetooth 2.0, RFID, Silverlight, and mobile applications to assist our clients and partners. With the best technology and talent, our products deliver real business results to improve our clients’ performance.

We Customize Industry Standard Products According to our Client’s Specific Business Needs

The most frequently used software systems and tools often do not satisfy particular industries or companies’ requirements. We address this need by creating products for specific organizations or functions that differ from off-the-shelf software. Our products are customized for companies, business entities, and government agencies. We design and implement add-ins for Microsoft software systems, state management and content management platforms, providing user-friendly interface and convenient access to multiple powerful features.

We Are Experienced in Complex Application-Level Software

Corporate management information systems require specific software products to perform efficiently. At Akvelon we design and implement enterprise-level applications to provide business logic support functionality for companies, improving the enterprise's productivity and governing the corporate communications. We offer applications with excellent performance, scalability, and robustness. The range of our products includes applications for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, AX, and Microsoft Essential Business Server.