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Global Search for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online 2013 or 2015

#1 Bestseller and Highly Recommended in the Dynamics Marketplace!

New version of Global Search for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 is now available!
It can be downloaded from this page by selecting “Download”.

Global Search Standard  allows you to bring back search results from all entities.

Global Search Plus  includes Standard and will return results from files uploaded to CRM and tracked email attachments.

Plus is our best-selling version and searches all Office type docs (Word, Excel and PPT) PDF, txt, and zip files.

Search inside your attachments with Global Search! 

Why do I need Global Search Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

Akvelon Global Search is the missing link for a complete CRM user experience. This add-in solution conveniently displays results from multiple CRM categories through a single search inquiry.

Akvelon Global Search for CRM Online offers:

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  • Search inside tracked emails and attachments uploaded to CRM!
  • Search all records with a single query from any page in CRM
  • Search by Lookup fields
  • Results from any CRM object, including Custom Entities
  • Results display in a single view, categorized by record type
  • Perform sub-searches and sort columns right on the results page
  • Customizable results that can include both active and inactive displayed results
  • Click and Open records directly from the results
  • Works great with Outlook
  • Installs in minutes and does not require Silverlight
  • Enjoy unmatched performance, ease of use, and time efficiency

The result?
  • Never lose data in your CRM again--Global Search will find it!
  • Convenience: keep all your information at your fingertips
  • Productivity: get to the data you need--fast!
  • No need to guess where you saved that precious piece of information with that key phrase: it's right there in a matter of seconds

Global search

View the full List of Changes and improvements for Global Search.

Global Search User Manual (for CRM Online 2013 & 2015)

Calculate Global Search Savings For Your Company

Number of CRM users:
Minutes saved per day by using GS:
Hourly wage per user/hour:
Licenses Count Cost/License Included Cost
11-50 $25.00
51-100 $22.50
101-150 $20.00
151-200 $17.50
201-250 $15.00
251-500 $12.50
500 & more $10.00