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Health Guard for WP7

Business Need

As a pioneer in mobile applications for the Healthcare industry, Akvelon believes in the emerging market for mobile applications that enhance the customer experience and bring value to their Microsoft© HealthVault™ account and application’s. Mobile technology is becoming increasingly popular with Healthcare IT organizations, enabling new scenarios and creating new opportunities to better serve patients.

A number of hospitals in the Seattle area have partnered with Akvelon, Located in Bellevue, WA. Akvelon has helped hospitals deploy technology solutions that improve quality of care while reducing their bottom line costs. Leveraging the power of Microsoft technologies in healthcare, Akvelon saw an opportunity to build a mobile application, extending the successful Microsoft HealthVault™ to the Windows Phone platform.

"The Windows Phone platform provides rich user experience and tight security, which help mitigate the ever-increasing privacy concerns amongst mobile users,"

Akvelon’s CEO Sergei Dreizin.


Akvelon evaluated numerous platforms and their capabilities in the search for an ideal foundation for a secure, intuitive mobile application. After consideration, Akvelon chose the Windows Phone 7 platform as the most accessible and intuitive for end users. The Windows Phone 7 platform provides a rich foundation and innovative programming architecture that provides appealing user experiences and integrates easily with other solutions operating on Microsoft platforms.

Akvelon developed Health Guard – a Windows Phone 7 application that enables people to access their HealthVault™ account data on the go. Data collection and historical measurements can provide important information for users and healthcare professionals.

This application allows users to personally add new measurements and health information. The application follows strict security and privacy compliance guidelines which are enforced by HealthVault™, including requiring explicit user authorization to access health records. The Windows Phone 7 provides a state of the art technology platform which allowed Akvelon to develop a visually rich application with a highly intuitive user interface.


  • Marketing and business analysis
  • User experience design and technical design
  • Software design and development
  • Microsoft HealthVault Go Live review process and approval
  • Windows Phone Marketplace – North America launch

Benefits and Results
  • Provides access to HealthVault™ user accounts on the go
  • Promotes mobile applications in the Healthcare industry
  • Showcases HealthVault™ on Windows Phone 7 platform

Future Ideas
  • Connect with devices – we will explore connectivity with various devices to support measurements data exchange options
  • Enable social media features – publish your health successes and medical organization experiences on Facebook
  • Extend data available on devices

Download Health Guard

Health Guard can be downloaded with Microsoft Zune using this link: Download application

Health Guard presentation can be downloaded using these links: Download presentation(pdf), Download presentation(PowerPoint)