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Carriers spend a significant amount of money to continuously test and monitor their networks, devices and applications. Despite their best efforts, there is still a gap between laboratory and field testing and the real-world experience of end users. Akvelon Performance Measurement Tool (PMT) answers the question "is this the network or is this the device?" PMT crowd-sources the testing process, allowing carriers to test end-to-end user experience on an actual device and greatly increasing the number of test points and tests executed--without additional cost to the carrier.

  • Test agent compatible with all Android devices
  • Server-side test scheduling, monitoring, and reporting
  • Ability to configure test plans by device type, geo-location, IMEI, and type of test
  • Extensible client-side test platform
  • Capacity to collect device, application, and network data
  • Extensive reporting functionality and direct access to test results
Carrier Benefits
  • Reduces the cost of device, application, and network testing and monitoring
  • Maximizes test coverage and quality for networks, devices, and applications
  • Continuous monitoring
  • Effective data analysis engine
  • Reduces handset validation test phase and FUT costs
Task Execution Agent
  • Configurable: remotely execute any task on device
  • Background mode: no need for operator involvement
  • Low power consumption
  • Self provisioning with the PMT server
Task Scheduling Server
  • Schedule tasks on devices
  • Collect and analyze resulting data
  • Configurable and Scalable
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